UPOS Establishes Position on Improvements to

County Park Land Surrounding Ridley Creek

As a result of the June 25 members meeting, list of ideas were consolidated for the Master Plan for the parks along Ridley Creek. A committee was formed to analyze the data and gave their findings to the UPOS Board.  As a result, the Board of UPOS prioritized the information and formed our position for the area.  Below are our 4 key positions. 


  • Plan should have as light a footprint as possible for enjoyment of the natural setting
  • Clean-up debris within parcels, e.g. Boy scout camp / Aqua area
  • Control Erosion
  • Maintain forest; protection of native species; preservation of unique sites – e.g. minerals, wetlands, rock outcropping, etc
  • Increase plant diversity
  • Control / remove invasive plants


  • Create a looping trail system throughout the parcels along both sides of Ridley Creek
  • Naturalized paths with feel of nature
  • Seasonal trails to features of parks
  • Trails to 5 environmental sites for environmental studies


  • Bridge over Ridley Creek
  • Boardwalk / viewing platform for Media Wetlands
  • Benches along trails
  • Fix current pavilions
  • Signage on Trails / Entrances “Your are Here”; interpretive signs for special areas; identifying native and non-native plants, trail maps at entrances
  • Improve parking areas (permeable surfaces / small additional parking)
  • Pavilion and/or picnic area in Scott Park
  • ADA accessible path within park (e.g. Parking lot at Rosemary to Wetlands)


  • Connection to Glen Providence Park
  • Connection to Elwyn train station (old tunnel under Baltimore Pike?)
  • Connection to Ridley Creek State Park / Tyler – a greenway connection for wildlife along with trails in available areas with signage along roads where permission on private property is not given
Cost – Within the constraints of available resources; i.e. grants, fund raisers/donations, recreational impact and other fees available to Townships/County/State

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