Delaware County to Develop a Master Plan for

Mineral Hill, Scott Park, and Memorial Park


The Delaware County Planning Department has begun efforts to develop a Master Plan for the Municipal lands surrounding Scott Park.  A number of events have occurred  over the past several years that have led to this comprehensive approach for managing these properties surrounding Ridley Creek.  In the Fall of 2010, the Upper Providence Township Council decided not to pursue development of Scott Park, also known as the Lavin tract.  In November of 2010, Delaware county purchased 46 acres from Elwyn Institute in the area known as Mineral Hill, on the West side of Ridley Creek.  In the spring of 2011, the County Planning Department applied to the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources to develop a comprehensive plan for the following municipally owned lands:

  • Mineral Hill, owned by Delaware County
  • Louis Scott Park, part of which is owned by the Borough of Media and leased to AQUA, Inc., and the remainder, formerly known as the Lavin Tract, which is owned by Upper Providence Township
  • Memorial Park, owned by Middletown Township

The purpose of the Master Plan, will be to allow each of the municipalities to develop their respective parks so as to limit redundancy, ensure environmental quality, and increase public benefit.  The Master Plan will provide recommendations on stewarding the natural resources, appropriate park uses, trail system layout, and site amenities. The amenities include but not limited to parking, signage, seating, and recreational opportunities.

In May of 2012, the County entered into an agreement with Natural Lands Trust to facilitate the development of the Master Plan with a committee of representatives from the municipalities and organizations involved. The master plan will be developed with the help of several granta. The county received a $25,000 Community Conservation Partnership Program matching grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources. Aqua Pennsylvania donated $10,000 toward the match and the remaining $15,000 will come from in-kind services from county staff and Natural Lands Trust.

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