Master Plan Developed by Natural Lands Trust

In 2013, Delaware County hired Natural Lands Trust to draft a Master Plan for the Mineral Hill,  Louis Scott and Memorial parks, owned by Upper Providence and Middletown Township, respectively. The resulting Mineral Hill Area Master Plan was to provide an overarching vision to guide the three municipalities in enhancing and managing the parks in a cohesive and effective manner. The Master Plan would include recommendations for park uses, amenities, volunteer programs, and ongoing maintenance—all with the goal of providing a great experience for visitors while protecting the integrity and ecology of the site. 

Key partners in this endeavor included:  Aqua PA, Chester-Ridley-Crum Watersheds Association, Delaware County Parks and Recreation Department, Delaware County Planning Department, Elwyn, Inc., PECO, Media Borough, Middletown Township, PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, Upper Providence Township, Virginia Cretella Mars Foundation.

In June of 2014, the Mineral Hill Master Plan was completed. As the project consultant, Natural Lands Trust has solicited input from landowners, land managers, and community members about what they would like the park experience to entail through meetings with the Steering Committee and public. T

The Vision for the parks was developed by the Steering Committee as follows: Mineral Hill County Park, Memorial Park, and Louis Scott Park create an integrated park system with access over Ridley Creek. They are situated in a way that benefits the community and the natural features. The Mineral Hill Area Parks system allows the municipalities to develop their respective parks so as to limit redundancy, increase public benefit, and ensure environmental quality, while providing for varying recreational opportunities and levels of accessibility. The Master Plan recommends that Mineral Hill County Park and portions of Memorial Park and Louis Scott Park remain quiet areas for passive recreation and minimum intrusion with some areas limiting off trail access and others allowing more opportunity for exploration. The Plan also recommends that Memorial Park and Louis Scott Park allow for semi-active recreation, including a fishing pier, a mown area for activities, a playground with outdoor exploration (i.e., bug door, wildlife footprints), and exercise stations. Picnic shelters and bathroom facilities will be provided near the primary parking areas.

A copy of the plan can be found by clicking here.

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