In June, 2009, UPOS worked with Scout Darrel Decorso of Upper Providence, Troop 430. Led by Darrel, the project team built a boardwalk along the lower trail so that storm water would run beneath the path. UPOS helped by paying for the needed material from Tague Lumber and the scouts, along with several UPOS volunteers, worked an entire day to build the boardwalk.

In May, 2010, UPOS worked with Scout Andrew Peng of Upper Providence, Troop 430. Scott led the project team in building 2 information boards at both entrances to the park. UPOS helped by paying for the material needed from Tague Lumber.

In October, 2011, UPOS worked with Scout Geoffrey Gaskins of Rose Valley, Troop 272. Geoffrey led the project to establish fencing around the trees/shrubs that had been planted in the park to protect them from deer. UPOS helped by paying for the material from Home Depot. The scouts spent 2 afternoons at the park, clearing the weeds under the trees, installing weed mats around the base of the trees and shrubs, and covering them with mulch, before putting up the stakes and fencing.

In September, 2014, Max Miller was given final approval for his project and three benches were installed in Scott Park. Next time you are walking on the trails in the park, you will be able to sit and enjoy the beauty of your surroundings.  UPOS paid for two of the benches and the third was paid for by Mrs Scott in memory of her husband.

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