October 2019


Bench Along Trail in Scott Park 

It seems that Fall has finally arrived. This is a great time to visit Scott Park and walk along the trails.  Take time out of your busy day and relax on one of the benches and look / listen for wildlife in the park. 

The Spotted Lantern Fly is in our area and everyone needs to do their part to try and control this invasive species.  They are getting ready to lay their eggs.  The article below will give you information about what to do if you see the fly or its eggs.  I've notice the stink bugs are bad this year, and it seems all we do is fight to control these pests.  Hopefully we'll get a cold snap to slow them up. 

The past few months we have met with all the candidates running for Upper Providence Township Council (District 2 and 4 only) to discuss our group and concerns we have.  Hope everyone gets out to vote this year for the many candidates running in Delaware County.

Jane Ferry, President  

Spotted Lantern Fly 

This invasive, moth like insect harms over 70 species of plants including food crops and trees.  There are no natural enemies, so residents must check their trees for clusters of the colorful, inch long insects on their bark where they are laying their eggs.   

If you find spotted lantern flies or eggs on the bark of a tree:

  1. Immediately kill any adult lanternflies you find on your trees by swatting or crushing them.  They do not bite or sting.
  2. Monitor your trees and other flat surfaces in your yard such as picnic tables, trash can lids, etc, where lanternflies may deposit columns of 30 to 50 gray, mud covered eggs.

                           Lanternfly Eggs

You can get more information at:


Grants to Improve Outdoor Spaces

Grants were announced for two Delaware County outdoor recreation sites from the Commonwealth Financing Authority (CFA) grant funding.

One grant worth $125,000 will go toward improving the Veterans Memorial Park complex in Marple Township.  The funds will be used to upgrade the park's playground by installing ADA-compliant playground equipment, ADA curb ramps to the play areas and a rubber playground surface area.

A grant of $250,000 was awarded to Friends of Smedley Park Corp., with the help and support of Springfield Township, to rehabilitate and realign Springfield Trail.

The project will install new trail-head and way-finding signage, as well as new yellow blazes to increase safety on the trail.  Additionally, trail markers will be installed with the GPS coordinates that will be registered with the county's emergency services.  SEPTA has identified three points where the trail currently intersects with the Route 101 Trolley Line.  The project will work with SEPTA to reroute these crossings, mitigating trail conflicts with the active trolley line.

Granite Run Mall Stormwater Basin

The developer at Granite Run has done much work on the stormwater basin including plantings.  This is a great improvement and will help with the run off from the parking lots and buildings.  If you want to a closer look, stop at the Kohl's parking lot for a better view.

Meeting with Candidates

Members of the Board of UPOS met with the candidates running for Township Council in the 2nd and 4th districts to discuss our group and express concerns we have regarding the maintenance of Scott Park.

We think that there needs to be a maintenance schedule for the trails to keep them from becoming overgrown.  As you can see from the picture below, the trails become overgrown which makes it hard for people to enjoy the park.

Another concern is the problem with stormwater that continues to cut into the trails and creates a muddy pathway making it difficult to walk on. 

In 2020 the Open Space Ballot Fund will be paid off and we wanted to see what their plans are regarding this money that the voters gave to save open space in the Township.  We suggested to the candidates that the Township set up a funding source for both improving and maintaining the open space that was saved. 

Because the Public Works Department isn't able to do the trail work, one suggestions was to hire 1 or 2 summer help workers that could work on maintaining and improving Scott Park and the other open space properties.

Another suggestion was for the township to apply for grants to help fund improvements to these properties.  As the Township does not have a grant writer on staff, we mention either putting a notice on the website to see if any residents were able to help or to hire someone for a period time who would get paid a percentage of the grants the township receives.

Tim Broadhurst, Council Chairperson, suggested that we work with the Environmental Committee on the stormwater problem.  We plan to attend their next meeting to see how we can work together.


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